About Us

The YWCA is dedicated to eliminating racism, empowering women, and promoting peace, justice, freedom, and dignity for all.

This mission guides everything we do, from choosing curriculum in childcare, to partnering with local organizations to provide programming for underserved communities here in Green Bay – from  directly addressing inequities in our community in our Stand Against Racism series, to planning group classes that promote wellness and achieving personal goals.

Our Areas of Focus

Empowerment and Economic Advancement

We offer programs to empower women and provide opportunities for advancement. We are mindful of the barriers holding women back and we seek to overcome them through equipping women with the tools they need, educating our community, and advocating for systemic change. 

Anti-Racism and Social Justice

Supporting and uplifting racial and social justice efforts within our community and serving as a voice for what is right, fair, and just.

Health and Safety

We support the health and safety of women, girls, and their families. Wellness plays a major role in dignity, but it can look different for everyone. Whatever your goals are, we offer programs that can be tailored to help you meet them. 

What is YWCA Social Justice Work?

What it is Not

What it is

Our History

On May 1st, 1919, a meeting was held to organize a YWCA chapter in Green Bay. The goal was to provide young women with an appropriate place to meet, rest during their noon hour, and buy lunch at a moderate price. Under the leadership of Miss Euphemia Jane Kay, the first president, YWCA Greater Green Bay began operations at the corner of Cherry and Adams streets in downtown Green Bay. Within the first year, 1,500 women had joined. Community leaders pledged $13,963, and national YWCA affiliation was won.

Since 1919, YWCA Greater Green Bay has worked tirelessly to meet the changing needs of women and girls in the community. The YWCA Greater Green Bay has been a pioneer in creating opportunities for empowering women and eliminating racism throughout the ages. For a century, we have provided services and programming that have adapted to meet the needs of each generation.

  • 1920’s: Luncheon spot, job preparation classes, assistance for working women to find safe boarding houses
  • 1940’s: Crisis intervention and programs to war brides
  • 1960’s: Girl Reserves
  • 1980’s: Licensed childcare
  • 1990’s: Cancer support, teen parenting, and economic self-sufficiency
  • 2000’s: Women’s empowerment and diversity programs

YWCA Greater Green Bay embraces our mission of eliminating racism and empowering women. We will continue to provide relevant programming that speaks to our mission every day. While the issues facing women have changed over time, our commitment to tackling these issues has remained steadfast.